Our Philosophy

When making decisions

We first think of our client's success as we believe it positively correlates with ours in long term. It is an opposite strategy to focusing primarily on one's goals fulfillment by means of its clients.

We take on the initial costs

Often clients pay high-quality price for what is in fact poor quality work-force in disguise.‎ Not to us. With our clients we link only those consultants who have a long tracked professional history. Hence there is a reasonable likelihood of success not just an opportunity.

Technologies matters

However, in eppTec we believe there are other skills and qualities that matter more. ‎We pick balanced team mates able to cope with various situations. Experts with reasonable theoretical, practical and social skills. People with courage and will to go up or out.

When it comes to our employees

We see our ultimate goal in making best possible environment for them to growth both in their expertise and leadership. Environment where team mates feel comfortable, safe though challenged every day. Environment highly stimulating and demanding at the same time. A place where there is no one-size-to-fit-us-all atmosphere.