About our team

eppTec was founded in 2015 as a technological startup with two clear goals: to launch a highly flexible and modular piece of software supporting efficient pricing and product management and to provide our customers with analytical and development services performed by skilled, goal oriented and enthusiastic team of professionals. Its founders have been in the market professionally over 10 years with equally long period of successful implementations.‎‎


Meet the Team

Václav Kandrnal

Ing. Václav Kandrnal


‎Throughout his career, Vaclav has spent over 10 years with world-class companies (General Electric, Deutsche Bank and Erste Group) in the Czech Republic and Switzerland. In various roles he ...

Petr Lev

Ing. Petr Lev


Peter started his professional career at IBM Competence Center, yet before reaching his master degree in Software Engineering. Soon after graduating from Czech Technical University in Prague ...

Martin Fábry

Ing. Martin Fábry


Since graduation in Software Engineering from CTU, Prague Martin has engaged in application development and system architecture design. He helped forming a new Mobile Applications division with ...

Martin Hadáček

Ing. Martin Hadáček


Martin graduated from CTU in Prague with particular interest in Knowledge Engineering. His professional career though has been primarily oriented towards software development process. Martin ...