eppTec Trainee Program

Who do we look for?

eppTec is a new company focused on providing specific IT services and own products development. We look for team members willing to stand out of the crowd, able to present themselves, able to justify their opinion, people with a reasonable mix of self-confidence and modesty.

eppTec trainee

What do we offer to our team mates?

Touching the real IT

A long-term training to the real-world assignments.

Hard Work

Complex analytical and/or development work related to eppTec's solution and real commercial problems.

Personal Growth

Continuous personal and professional growth.


Explicit support of a systematic and long term education within generally recognized study programs.


Competitive remuneration package.

Team Spirit

Last but not least we are all team players. To put it in a nutshell there is no room for solitairs in eppTec.

eppTec Laboratory

What do we expect?

Focus to solutions

A creative, sensible and balanced person with a particular interest in complex problem solutions.

University students

A person with a university degree(or soon to be holding) in Economy, Statistics, Software Development, Mathematics, Physics or Engineering.

Language skills

A person mastering at least one foreign language.


A person able to cope with an above-average level of time pressure and psychical stress.

Current jobs Openings

We're looking for a skillful analyst to strengthen our team. In this role, you will be responsible for various activities ranging from conceptual and business analysis to system/process analysis and design. You might meet basically anything you know. Mostly it depends on your own creativity and ability to transpose your theoretical knowledge and practical experience into real-world problems. All you really need is passion to learn new things irrespective of their nature and patience to work hard enough. The rest will come in time.
There are other skills nice to have:
  • Communication
  • Stress resistance
  • Team spirit
  • Financial industry background
  • Bc, MSc or PhD in Economy, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, IT or other similar areas
  • SQL & Data Modelling skills
  • English, German or/and other foreign language
  • Java, C or any other programming language exposure
You will get in return
  • Opportunity to start-up a new company
  • Highly creative and intellectually demanding job
  • Great opportunity to grow
  • Friendly and supportive teammates
  • Remuneration package reflecting your effort, skills and achievements

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About eppTec

eppTec was founded in 2015 as a technological startup with two clear goals: to launch a highly flexible and modular piece of software supporting efficient pricing and product management and to provide our customers with analytical and development services performed by skilled, goal oriented and enthusiastic team of professionals. Its founders have been in the market professionaly over 10 years with equally long period of successful implementations.‎‎